How to get my Twitch tools working

A long time back I wrote two tools which use standalone HTML and javascript to get data from Twitch, one was Box Art which I documented here: Box Art Blog Post These tools have stopped working recently because Twitch changed a lot of requirements specifically to do with Authentication when accessing the APIs. I didn’t […]

Posted by admin on March 11th, 2022

Twitch Auth using WPF and C#

I’ve just spent a bit of time since I released the first build of a new streaming tool trying to understand Twitch oAuth mechanisms. I ran into a few problems along the way but learnt loads so I thought I’d write a quick post. First I ended up writing a sample which shows how to […]

Posted by admin on December 31st, 2016

Twitch streaming widget – dynamic Twitch data in file form

If you’ve read any of my other posts you’ll know that I am a keen streamer on Twitch and that I have also written some javascript code which you can use in OBS or XSplit to display information like poster art for the game you are playing. I got a DM on Twitter the other […]

Posted by admin on December 22nd, 2016

Moving to v5 of the Twitch API

I got an email as part of the Twitch Developer community about upcoming changes to the Twitch API (Kraken). On an initial read I was a little bit confused and slightly worried as the changes come into effect quite quickly. So I thought it was worth a look to see how problematic the changes were […]

Posted by admin on November 18th, 2016

So you wanna be a “video game influencer”? – The Dream

“What the hell are you talking about Adrian?” Hang on, don’t shout let me try and explain. What I mean by “video game influencer” is Twitch streamer, YouTube Let’s Player, video game Blogger or a mixture say for instance a YouTube streamer. The reason I ask the question of you is that my answer is […]

Posted by admin on July 13th, 2016

Streamer Health Pack 1 – Watch your back

You’re head down, you know you can get this one last enemy in your sights. You sneak left and right, the AI in the game is awesome and the lone enemy spots you and lets loose with a grenade launcher catching you unawares and taking away a large chunk of your remaining health. You need […]

Posted by admin on April 11th, 2016

Twitch box art code dissection

I recently posted about adding Twitch game box art to your stream using a web page that I wrote, it took me quite some time to work out how to do it and I thought I would share my experience and also give anyone the opportunity to amend the code as they see fit. I’m […]

Posted by admin on March 18th, 2016

How to add the current game’s box art to your scene when streaming to Twitch

Have you ever wanted to display the game art for a title that you are playing on your stream but not wanted to download a new image for each new game you play. Well help is at hand I’ve written a very quick script that you can include as a browser page in OBS or […]

Posted by admin on March 18th, 2016

Dual PC Connections for Streaming

I’ve been trying to find time to work out how to explain my Dual PC streaming setup and I thought I would write a few words about it to see if it inspired me to explain everything clearly. Video: Console(s) to HDMI Switch Input 1 Gaming PC to HDMI Switch Input 2 HDMI Switch Output […]

Posted by admin on March 9th, 2016

Nodecg Twitch Auth

This is going to be a very short post about nodecg which I have started using to achieve two things. First improve the quality of my stream by creating cool notifications and second to learn a little javascript/Nodejs. In my simplistic understanding nodecg is a small web server which you can use with the OBS […]

Posted by admin on November 5th, 2015