What is it about Sims

Not “The Sims” but simulators, I love them as games. I’ve been playing a bit of a game called Spintires, it’s a heavy, Russian truck simulator and I am really enjoying it, you can check out a video here: [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5p3l9lXgirk&w=560&h=315] The game is basically – here are some trucks, here is some mud which […]

Posted by admin on June 27th, 2014

Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, in more ways than one.

Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons is a PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 game that caused some stir when it was released towards the end of last year. I watched a few reviews which were very carefully written/filmed so as not to ruin the story which is key to the game. I liked the […]

Posted by admin on June 2nd, 2014

Resolution vs Comfort

Resolution is a factor of video games that is often discussed in the gaming press but comfort, not so much. Let me explain. I played the Titanfall Beta on Xbox One, I really enjoyed it but it set to me thinking about what platform I wanted to play the game on when it gets released. […]

Posted by admin on March 5th, 2014